Sunshine Coast Maternity Care Group

The Sunshine Coast Maternity Care Group offers full spectrum care for pregnancy, birth and postpartum for families from Langdale, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay and Pender Harbour.

Our Team

We are a group of physicians and midwives working together to provide maternity care for families on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Our clinics are based in Gibsons, Wilson Creek and Sechelt where we provide prenatal and postpartum care.

Dr. Julie Baxter – 604-885-2257
Dr. Jack Bryson – 604-885-2257
Dr. Edward Krickan – 604-670-6222
Amanda Reid, RM – 778-837-2333
Dr. Karen Scott – 604-885-6400
Dr. Rayna Sivakova – 604-886-2868
Lehe Spiegelman, RM – 604-603-0477

Prenatal Care

In the first months of your pregnancy, your physician or midwife will provide you with all the standard care and information during routine prenatal appointments. Our offices are located in Gibsons, Wilson Creek and Sechelt.

Group Prenatal Care

In your third trimester, after 28 weeks, you will be invited to join 2 or 3 group prenatal appointments when you will have a chance to meet other expectant families as well as the other care providers who make up your team.


The midwives and physicians of the Sunshine Coast Maternity Care Group share being on call for you when you go into labour. One of us from the group will be with you when you have your baby, along with the excellent nurses, specialists and hospital staff at Sechelt Hospital. Talk with your midwife if you are planning to birth at home.

Postpartum Care

After your baby is born, you will continue to receive care from your primary physician or midwife. We will also connect you with local resources to support your growing family.

Hospital or Home

Families on the Sunshine Coast can choose to have their baby at Sechelt Hospital with the Maternity Care Group or birth at home with Registered Midwives.

Consultant Care

We work alongside specialist colleagues, such as obstetricians and dieticians, as well as nurses and hospital staff at Sechelt Hospital. We can also refer families who require more services off coast.

What families are saying


Check updates for upcoming group prenatal appointments, events and classes.
Prenatal Breastfeeding Group: June 23+25
Local Resources

Prenatal Breastfeeding Group: June 23+25

Sunshine Coast Community Services is hosting a 2-day, 2-hour class with a breastfeeding counsellor.

Community Prenatal Classes

Group Prenatals – Suspended

Unfortunately we have suspended our group prenatal visits in both Gibsons and Sechelt during the COVID-19 Pandemic to follow our health care guidelines for …


COVID-19 Update 20-Mar-20

Dear Maternity Care Families of the Sunshine Coast, We hope that you are all staying healthy during this time of minimizing exposure to COVID-19. …

Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you if you have any general questions about the Sunshine Coast Maternity Care Group but please note that this is not a way to contact your health care provider. Please call your midwife or doctor’s clinic if you have any clinical questions or the Sechelt Hospital Maternity Line, 604-989-6248. For emergencies please call 9-1-1. Thank you.